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Hello world!

My pen name is L.D. Raye, and I’ve had a love for writing since elementary school. I began my first story at the age of nine, Killer in the Cabin. Strange genre for a nine year old may be, but my mind has never fancied the norm. My writing style I like to believe is unique and refreshing. I consider myself to write “urban” novels, but they are neither “hood” nor “ghetto” tales. While that is the genre I generally find myself writing, I have branched off into thrillers and suspense as well as back to horror.

Another genre I find myself involving myself in is fan fiction. I am a true Trey Songz fan, been one since the beginning. On this site there will be fan fiction stories that depict Trey Songz as the main character. I must say, he is merely used as a face claim in my stories.

That being said . . . .